Does JRS Deliver on Sundays?

does jrs deliver on sundays

JRS is the leading courier company in the Philippines. Despite the evolution in the courier industry and the emergence of app-based courier services, JRS still maintains its place in the market. It is the most trusted courier service to send anything to your loved ones. And when a special occasion falls on Sundays, everyone in the Philippines wants to ask does JRS deliver on Sundays. For a detailed answer to your query, read about the operations of JRS.

Does JRS Deliver on Sundays?

When you want to send something to or from the Philippines, JRS Delivery Service is the best option to consider. Following are some detailed features of JRS delivery that will answer you that JRS delivers on Sundays.

Operational Hours

Here is the answer to your question, do JRS delivers on Sundays? And the answer is Yes. JRS operates 365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. So there is no break in the delivery services. If you have to send or receive something on Sundays, JRS is the perfect option for you. Besides, anytime delivery is available, let’s know more about JRS features.

Worldwide Network

JRS operates not only in the Philippines but all around the globe. It is the leading courier in the Philippines. Still, when you have to send or receive something to or from the USA, Europe, Asia, Pacific Region, or the Middle East, JRS is the best option to trust and get on-time deliveries.

Delivery Options

When something is urgent, you need same-day deliveries. But you must ensure that the same-day delivery will happen the same day. In that case, JRS is the most suitable option for the Philippines. Besides same-day delivery, JRS offers regular and next-day deliveries at affordable rates.

Bulk Deliveries

Businesses need to partner with courier services to deliver their products online. They want to work with a courier company that delivers the products on time, charges a reasonable commission, and clears the money fast. That’s all you can find in the JRS Delivery Service. It can accommodate your bulk deliveries without hassle, and you will gain many happy customers.

Pick up Services

When sending something urgently, it is not always easy to go to the courier service’s facility and book your order. The best alternative is to book the parcel and get a person from the company to your location to pick up the parcel. With JRS delivery service, you will enjoy pickup services for your parcels.

JRS Express App

JRS has an easy-to-operate JRS Express app. You can book your parcels online for pickups from your location on that app. You can also track your parcels and do much more through this app.

Contactless Payments

You don’t need to keep the hard cash at the delivery time. You can make contactless payments via GCash and PayMaya. It will save you and the delivery person from any hassle of carrying cash in the exact numbers.

Pick up Service

JRS also offers pickup services. Instead of choosing a delivery location, you can select a nearby delivery point. While you pick up your parcel, you can pay the amount in cash.

JRS Express Tracker

When you send something or are about to receive it, you need to know when it will reach its destination. This way, you can further plan everything else. JRS makes tracking your parcels easy with JRS Express Tracker. It will offer online updates at every step that your parcel covers.

Customer Service

No service provider is up to the mark if customer service is not supportive. But it will not be a solution with the JRS delivery service. Here you can avail of their customer support service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them via phone, email, and Facebook.


Now you know the JRS delivery days and that JRS delivers on Sundays. You can book your parcels on Sundays, and they will deliver on the same day. Furthermore, you can ask the JRS representative to collect the parcel from your location on Sundays. In contrast, you can get cashless deliveries on Sundays and pay online. Or, you can go to JRS facilities to collect the parcels and pay cash.