JRS Delivery Worldwide Service Available

JRS Delivery

JRS is the famous and oldest door-to-door delivery express company. It is present in the Philippines. It is one of the best courier companies. JRS Tracking 2023 provides its services in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the USA. It works 24/7 and 365 days a year. It has regular and fast service. JRS Express delivers bulk deliveries in short times. They provide free pick-up services to their customers too.

JRS Delivery

JRS Express has cashless and countless payment methods like PayMaya and GCash. Users of JRS express can use their services via email, Facebook, and phone.

JRS Express has different kinds of pouches, boxes, and envelopes. Customers can choose by their choices. Here we will discuss all details about JRS delivery pouches, boxes, and envelopes. 

JRS pouch for letters, documents

JRS express pouch size is 9.5 × 6.3 inches, and weight is 100 grams. It is favorable for documents, letters, bills, and pictures. 

JRS one-pounder 

JRS one-pounder pouch size is 15 × 11 inches. One pounder weight capacity is at least 500 grams. It is also for letters, bills, and pictures that don’t fit in an express letter pouch.

JRS three-pounder

JRS three-pounder pouch size is 18 × 14 inches. Its weight capacity is 500 grams. It is convenient for a few small items like books, clothes, and accessories.

JRS five pounder

JRS five pounders are bigger than other pounders. Its size is 20 × 14 inches, and its weight capacity is 2.5 kg. It is suitable for bigger and medium-sized items.

JRS delivery envelope 

There are different JRS delivery 2021 envelopes for different kinds of items. 

Legal sized envelope

Legal sized envelope has 20 grams weight capacity. It is suitable for bills, letters, and pictures. 

Brown envelope

Brown envelope is larger than the legal envelope in size. It is suitable for clothes and accessories. Its weight capacity is 500 grams.

JRS express boxes

There are different kinds of boxes. Some are small, and some are large or extra-large. Small boxes are for cell phones, shoes, books, and other small items. Medium boxes are for laptops, bigger size books, and clothes. Large and extra-large boxes are for small furniture and other bigger items.

Super express service box

Customers want their delivery in a short and urgent time to have a super express service box. Your package will arrive at your fixed time.

JRS express provides other services like if you want to move your furniture and other things JRS helps you in moving. This service is known as JRS express lipat Bahay.

JRS express also helps in business by sending their goods on time and in good condition.

How to use JRS express?

You can use JRS Tracking service every time. For shipping, you may drop your luggage at any branch of JRS or have it picked up from your location. It is door-to-door delivery.

How you can drop off your items for shipping

For shipping, you should visit the nearest JRS office in your town. The staff of JRS express will provide you a box or pouch for your items. Pack your items in the pouch and seal them. Also, write down all details about the receiver and sender.

Hand over this parcel to the staff of JRS express. They encode essential information in their JRS express system. Then receive a receipt of your parcel. Keep the OR number that is present on the receipt.  You will need this OR Number to track your parcel.

How can you book the JRS express delivery services?

You can book JRS express service easily. Just check out all JRS express delivery services, which offer free pick-up services. Check the JRS express website. Add your province list of JRS Express branches displayed on your screen. Search your nearest branch.  Then, call your branch helpline for booking.

You can find your parcel by JRS express delivery tracking number. You can check about your order online on JRS delivery status.

JRS Express Branches and Rates

JRS express has 440 branches all over the Philippines. All branches are open on all days, even on holidays. Some branches are open to deliver and receive packages, but some are only for receiving or delivering. 

Shipping rates depend on the weight of the parcel and how far it will be delivered. JRS express has their fixed price and some extra charges on excess weights.

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