JRS Express Rates For Worldwide Delivery

JRS Express Rates

JRS Express is a well-known and leading Philippines company aspiring to provide express-delivery services. Besides, this company offers logistic services to customers with highly professional ethics. It contains a nationwide network of 450 branches. Jrs Express Rates are cheaper than other logistic company.

Jaime L. Claparols established the JRS Business in 1960. He registered his business with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apart from that, JRS services expand their horizons into many fields by offering air freight forwarding and logistics services.

The company has been performing its services for over six decades. JRS Express has earned its name as one of the largest express delivery service providers. Due to its professionalism ethics, it always emphasizes to express any mail and delivery as early as possible.   

JRS Express Rates

Some of the essential factors that are considered are the rates of any company offering delivery services. In the competitive environment of today’s world, every business tries to get cautious while offering rates because to achieve success in any business; you need to be careful in your rates to beat your competitors. JRS Express acts upon this policy very strictly. That is why it stands out from the crowd.

The services offered by JRS Express vary as per the individual requirements. So is the rate. While calculating the rates, they vary for different delivery services.

JRS rates services are defined below:

Express Letter

They will charge a minimum amount for the first 100 grams. However, if it exceeds that, then you need to pay more.

Pounders Rates

Pounder rates vary according to the weight capacity. For example, for 1 pounder, you need to pay a minimum amount for the first 500 grams. However, on the above weight, you will pay more as per your packet weight. If you are carrying a weight of less than 1,500 grams or 1.5 kilograms, you will pay less. Otherwise, on varying the weight capacity, you need to pay more according to the parcel weightage.  

JRS Boxes Rates

There is a minimum charge for 3 to 4 kilograms for small boxes. On the other side, for medium boxes, they charge a minimum amount of 6 to 9 kilograms. Finally, for large boxes of 10 to 20 kilograms, you will pay less amount of money unless it exceeds more than 20 kilograms.

Express Cargo

The cargo delivery service will let you spend less money for the weight of the first 2,500 grams. However, there are additional charges for succeeding 500 grams.  

Super Express

There is a super and fantastic delivery offer which is called Super Express. It delivers parcels the same day but within the locality.

Documents Delivery

This service allows you to send your documents internationally. You will pay a minimum charge for the first 500 grams. However, there is an exception on reaching the 500 grams weightage.

Freight Forwarder

Your products will get delivered to a specific destination without any delay. There is a guarantee upon date and product delivery in good condition. Besides, there are also Lipat Bahay and JRS Pera services for your convenience.

JRS Express Services

You can find JRS Express Tracking services in the following manners:

Package Tracking

JRS Express has just revamped its website in a very professional style. You will find all JRS Express Tracking services online. On the website, you can track your packages and get updates on delivery time. The company service is available all the time, and the team responds 24/7 throughout the year.

JRS Express Branches

In 2022, JRS Express achieved another milestone as it celebrated its 61 years of service. It occupies 440 branches nationwide, performing brilliant services all year round without any delay.  

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Partnership with GCash and Alipay

JRS Express has a partnership with GCash and Alipay, offering its customer a cashless payments.

JRS Express Tracking Rates: JRS Express tracking rates 2022 system conveniently allows you to track your rates. The company cares about its customers by facilitating them with the fastest tracking rates system. On the JRS website, you can easily track your rates as per your parcel volume and weight.

Cash on Pick-up: JRS Express offers you to pay your charges when its representative picks up your item right from your doorstep.

Free Quote Calculator: On the JRS website, you can easily get a quote of your charges to be paid by entering the details of the volume and weight of the items.

Finding Your Nearby Branch through Locator: For the customers’ convenience, JRS allows them to find the nearest branch through its locator system.

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