JRS Tracking Receipt

JRS tracking receipt is proof of the parcel you sent through JRS Express. Along with other information on the receipt, you are given two numbers to track your parcel using the JRS courier tracking tool. JRS tracking receipt can be in the form of an E-receipt or hard copy of a receipt. You must keep this receipt safe; at least you have proof in case of fraud or your parcel gets missing.

JRS Receipt entities

The official JRS tracking receipt contains shipper information, consignee information, payment information, package receiver information, and waiver of rights. Below is the detail of all these entities: 

Shipper information

The shipper information section on the receipt contains the date, origin, shipper’s name, address, contact number, package type, and payment type like cash or online.


The consignee is the owner of the shipped goods or the shipment receiver. This section shows consignee information like name, address, and contact.

Payment information

This section of the JRS receipt contains payment information like freight, valuation, insurance, pick-up fee, JRS box, and the total amount of all the above entities. 

Receiver Information

This receipt section shows all package receiver information like name, address, signature, and delivered-by information.

Waiver of rights

The shipper signs the waiver of rights statement printed on the receipt.

What is the waybill number on the JRS receipt?

The vital section of this receipt is the Waybill number section. It is the number to which you can track your parcel sent by JRS express.

A waybill is the tracking number on the receipt’s top right corner. It consists of two parts OR and BC numbers. You need both numbers to track a JRS  package.

JRS Airbill tracking code

JRS airbill number is also the official receipt code (OR number). This number is mentioned on the upper right corner of the receipt below the BC number in the format “No. xxxxxxx”. 

BC Tracking code

BC tracking number is written on the top right corner of the receipt in the format “BC: xxx”

The receipt receiver may be confused about the tracking number and order number. You must put the tracking number shown as the waybill on the receipt. So keep in mind there is a difference between the order and tracking numbers. Use the BC and OR numbers for tracking your package.

How do I track JRS Package using the waybill Number written on the JRS tracking receipt?

After handing over your parcel to the JRS express, you will receive the JRS tracking receipt. On it, you will find the waybill number consisting of Airbill and BC numbers. Type these numbers on the official JRS tracking tool in their respective field. And you will be shown a table having all information about your parcels, like the dispatch date and expected date of arrival of your package.

What would happen if I lost my JRS Receipt?

If you lost your JRS receipt, the second option is to drop your query by calling the JRS helpline. They will ask essential questions about your order and help you in any possible way. You can also visit a nearby JRS branch in the Philippians for help. You can easily find the nearest JRS branch by visiting the JRS websites branch locator page.

How do I claim My parcel from JRS Express?

The JRS express tracking receipt is proof that you can claim your package in case of loss of your parcel. Sometimes parcels are misplaced mistakenly. By showing your receipt to the JRS branch manager, you can claim your package and ask for a refund.


The JRS tracking receipt is an important thing to have while using JRS courier Philippines service worldwide. If you don’t have it, It doesn’t make a big issue if you are not much curious about your parcel, like when it will arrive and where it is right now. They will deliver your parcel to your location as soon as possible.