JRS Tracking Scan

Besides the other tracking methods, which include Airbill Number and BC number, JRS also offers to track through scanning QR code. JRS tracking scan QR code option is available for each parcel you send or want to receive. It makes tracking your parcel easy without the need to do any procedure. Now you can do LIVE tracking of your parcel with the JRS tracking Scan QR code option. Let’s know more about it.

QR Scan for JRS Tracking

The most popular method to track JRS Express packages is by scanning the QR Code. No doubt it is the easiest one. All you need to do is to have a QR scan app on your smartphone. Now you can scan the QR code on the receipt of your package and know where your package currently is and when it will reach you. This way, there is no need to visit the JRS Express website and enter the Airbill and OR number to get the tracking details. Also, there is no need to make a phone call and visit the nearest branch. You can track your package from the comfort of your home in a few moments.

JRS Tracking Other Options

JRS Express offers you many options to track a parcels. You can track your parcel via the official website of JRS Express. For that purpose, you need to enter the OR number and Airbill number given on the receipt of your package. When you enter the details, you get the estimated delivery time and current update of the package.

Another way to track your JRS Express parcel is through a phone call. You can call JRS Express on their respective numbers to get your package details. You can tell them the OR and Airbill numbers, and the company representative will track the package for you. In case you need to know the OR and Airbill numbers, you can ask about the estimated delivery and current status of the package by telling them the name, number, and addresses of the sender and the receiver.

There are many branches of JRS Express in the Philippines. You will find one nearby. You can ask about the package status and delivery time by visiting your nearest branch. Provide them with any details available to you, and the company representative will assist you.

Where to Find QR Code for JRS Tracking

When you book a parcel through JRS Express, you get a receipt. You can find all the information related to your shipment on that receipt. It also includes the JRS Tracking QR code. It is found in the top right corner of the package receipt. On the other hand, if you book a parcel online, you will get the QR code from where you booked the parcel.

When you have the QR code, you can scan it anytime when you need to track your parcel from jrs tracking.

What to Track with JRS Express QR Code?

You can track any of your parcels with the JRS Express QR code. Either you are going to receive a parcel or send one; QR code tracking is available. Furthermore, the QR tracking code for JRS Express shipments is available for national and international parcels.

With the JRS QR code, you can also scan the code and the operational branch details in your area. If you want to send a parcel, scan the QR code. It gives you information about the nearest JRS Express branch that is currently open and can accept parcels for delivery. This way, QR code scanning will save you time exploring JRS Express websites and other social media accounts. You scan the code and get the required information in no time.