JRS VS LBC Complete Guide

jrs vs lbc


JRS Tracking and LBC are both Courier companies that deliver anything like parcels, clothes, and documents door to door worldwide. LBC does not offer Sunday delivery; however, JRS offers its services all days of the week. Some selected branches may open all-time in a week. Here we will discuss JRS vs LBC. They both have excellent shipment services. 

What is JRS Express

JRS Express is a delivery service with 400 branches in the Philippines. JRS express works in the Philippines since 1960. It is a courier company that delivers goods to their customers in 1 to 2 days. Customers can contact easily via online JRS express websites. You can send parcels, clothes,  documents in envelopes and boxes through JRS.

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JRS can ship items internationally like documents, letters, or other things you want to deliver worldwide. JRS ships in many countries, so the rate of shipping depends on the country. It provides other services like 

JRS Lipat Bahay

In Lipat Bahay service, JRS express tracking provides you an opportunity. You can move or transport your luggage via the JRS Lipat Bahay services. It will work with 100 percent safety and guarantee. 

JRS express freight forwarder

JRS express freight forwarder offer is for businesses. In this service, customers can deliver their products. They also work with safety and guarantee. They ship all products on time. 

In JRS express, if you want to send anything, you just need to visit your nearest branch. Write down all details on the parcel and hand it over to JRS express staff. Your parcel will arrive at your destination on time. Customers can track their parcel by its tracking number.

What is LBC express

LBC Express stands for local business courier company. LBC has 1252 branches in the Philippines. It has other branches worldwide, like in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. LBC provides different kinds of services for businesses and consumers.

Consumer services

LBC offers a wide range of consumer services such as Order Palada, Sea cargo, instant pera palada, Bills Xpress, and door-to-door delivery. These all are consumer services.

Business services

LBC company also provides business services such as business cargo, bulk mail, General cargo, courier and parcels, full truckload, warehousing, send and swipe card (SNS), and remit to accounts. They also offer other services like printing service, book printing, colorful variable printing.

You can easily track your parcel by parcel App. On the parcel App, you can check all updates about your parcel on one page. You can track and trace your parcel at any time. 

At LBC local shipping, you can send your photos, certificate, parcels, and documents. In LBC international service, express international padamas send all parcels safely. You can choose a box or parcel in the LBC branch for your parcel. At the provincial destination, LBC services can send your delivery the next day.

Which one is cheaper for shipping JRS or LBC?

Both are courier companies. But, most people believe in JRS because it is cheaper than LBC. The shipping rate of JRS in Metro Manila one-pound package is 130 Philippine Rupees. The shipping rate in lbs one-pound package is 145 Philippine rupees. You can do online tracking via their websites. 

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